How To: Become an Xbox Community Ambassador

Become an Xbox Community Ambassador

So, you wan't to become a Xbox Community Ambassador? Wan't to give support to other Xbox Customers and Earn loot doing it? Want to be different from a "normal" Xbox Customer? Want to share your knowledge to others who want it? Come on over here, friend! In this How-To, I will tell you how to become a Xbox Community Ambassador in the most correct way possible! In 3 Easy Steps! Here is the Link to the Website :

Step 1: You Need a Xbox LIVE Account with Gold Membership

Obviously, you need a Xbox LIVE account. If you don't already have one with Xbox LIVE Gold Membership. You should exit this page because you need a Xbox LIVE account with Gold. You also cannot just make an account right on the spot, need some gamerscore too!

Step 2: You Need to Qualify or Meet the Requirements

You absolutely need to meet the requirements to become a Ambassador. It's no easy sign up. Your Xbox LIVE Account must meet the following requirements. When on , Click Specializations then APPLY NOW for Support Chat.

  • Be at least 17 years of age or older
  • Have at least 1500 Gamerscore
  • Have no prior Enforcement actions against your account
  • Have an active Xbox Live Gold Membership (No Trials or Shared Gold)

Step 3: Be Patient!

You will not receive an email confirming you're in the spec. The sign up process usually take about 10 seconds, if it takes longer than 10 seconds just refresh the page for your results.

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1 Comment

I was kicked from the program 4 years ago and still can not rejoin the XBOX Ambassador program. Is there any way to rejoin?

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